Drivers Environment and climate change

Global climate risk index


Based on data from the Munich Re NatCatSERVICE. The Climate Risk Index is calculated as the sum of four indicators multiplied by their weight (CRI = fatalities absolute*1/6+fatalities per 100000 inhabitants*1/3+ economic losses in PPP*1/6+economic losses per GDP*1/3).


The global climate risk index assess the extent to which countries have been affected (in terms of fatalities and economic losses) by meteorological events such as tropical storms, winter storms, severe weather, hail, tornados, local storms; hydrological events such as storm surges, river floods, flash floods, mass movement (landslides); and climatological events such as freezing, wildfires, droughts, and cold/heat waves. A higher score is a higher risk.


Indicates countries' vulnerability and exposure to climate-related risks, including vulnerability characterized by frequent events as well as rare but extraordinary catastrophes.