Food Supply Chains Production systems and input supply

Fertilizer consumption


Total production of plant nutrients (nitrogen, phosphate, and potash), plus imports, minus exports is divided by total hectares of arable land. Arable land includes all land that is used for temporary crop production, meadows or pasture, market or kitchen gardens, or land that is temporarily fallow.


The quantity of plant nutrients used per unit of arable land including nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. Traditional fertilizers from animal and plant manure are not included.


Fertilizer is an important input for improving agricultural productivity. In Sub-Saharan Africa, many farmers use fertilizer in such limited quantities that it is not sufficient to replenish nutrient-depleted soils. However, in other parts of the world, fertilizer is over-applied, which can lead to environmental concerns such as nitrogen runoff and water contamination. Fertilizer manufacturing and application also contribute substantial greenhouse gas emissions.