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Percent of household consumption spent on meat and fish (households living on less than $2.97 per person per day)


Expenditure on meat and fish divided by total expenditure, multiplied by 100 (restricted to households below $2.97/capita/day).


Proportion of household food and beverage expenditure that is spent on meat and fish among households that report an income of less than $2.97 per person per day (in PPP$ terms). $2.97 is the threshold for the lowest consumption segment in the World Bank Global Consumption Database, defined as falling below the 50th percentile of the global distribution of income per capita. Data are obtained from nationally representative household expenditure or consumption surveys.


Low-income households within countries are likely to devote less of their food budgets to meat and fish, which are higher priced relative to starchy staples, as compared to higher-income households. In the event of price or income shocks, these households may be the most likely to shift their already low consumption of non-staple foods back to cheaper sources of calories.

Treatment of Missing Values

(restricted to households below $2.97/capita/day)