Outcomes Environmental impacts

Soil biodiversity threats index


All eight risk values maps (loss of above ground biodiversity; pollution and nutrient overloading; cropland percentage cover; cattle density; fire density 1997-2010; Water and Wind Erosion Vulnerability Indices; Desertification Vulnerability Index; Global Aridity Index) were scaled from 0 to 1 where 1 indicates higher risk. The Threat Soil Biodiversity Index is the sum of the different risks.


Average levels of potential risk to soil biodiversity and life at a global scale. Considered threats include loss of above ground biodiversity, pollution and nutrient overloading, cropland percentage cover, cattle density, fire density between 1997-2010 , Water and Wind Erosion Vulnerability Indices, Desertification Vulnerability Index, and Global Aridity Index. A score of 1 is low risk while a score of 8 is the highest risk.


Countries with larger risk values suggests soil organisms are under high pressure signalling the need for changes in production systems to protect and restore soil biodiversity.