About The Dashboard

What is the Dashboard?

The Food Systems Dashboard combines data from multiple sources to give users a complete view of food systems. Users can compare components of food systems across countries and regions. They can also identify and prioritize ways to sustainably improve diets and nutrition in their food systems.

Dashboards are useful tools that help users visualize and understand key information for complex systems. Users can track progress to see if policies or other interventions are working at a country or regional level

In recent years, the public health and nutrition communities have used dashboards to track the progress of health goals and interventions, including the Sustainable Development Goals. To our knowledge, this is the first dashboard that collects country-level data across all components of the food system.

How to Navigate the Dashboard

The Dashboard contains over 150 indicators that measure components, drivers, and outcomes of food systems at the country level. As new indicators and data become available, the Dashboard will be updated. Most data used for the Dashboard is open source and available to download directly from the website. Data is pooled from FAO, Euromonitor International, World Bank, and other global and regional data source

Compare and Analyze allows users to visualize and compare food systems indicators globally, regionally, by country, food systems type, or income classification. Data can be viewed on a map as well as on bar, line, and other chart types. Country Profiles allow users to view a curated set of 41 indicators for each country to gain in-depth insights into the challenges and opportunities facing countries and their food systems.

How to Cite the Dashboard

All data, maps, and other visualizations are open access and can be used freely as long as they are citated as:

The Food Systems Dashboard. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and Johns Hopkins University. 2020. Geneva, Switzerland. https://www.foodsystemsdashboard.org. DOI: https://doi.org/10.36072/db.

Who is the dashboard for?

The dashboard can be used by anyone interested or involved in the food system:

  • Policymakers at the country, regional, and global levels
  • National statistical agency workers
  • Policy analysts in government ministries
  • United Nations and non-governmental organization development practitioners
  • Civil society workers
  • Business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Researchers, academics, and students

Who created the dashboard?

The Dashboard was developed by Johns Hopkins University and The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, with collaborators at The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, Harvard University, City University London, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and The Agriculture-Nutrition Community of Practice.

The website is designed, engineered, and maintained by Friends of the Web in collaboration with the Food Systems Dashboard team.

Core Team Members

Lawrence Haddad
The Global Alliance For Improved Nutrition
Jess Fanzo
Johns Hopkins University
Anna Herforth
Harvard University And The Agriculture-Nutrition Community Of Practice
Andy Jones
University Of Michigan
Ty Beal
The Global Alliance For Improved Nutrition
Quinn Marshall
International Food Policy Research Institute
Alexa Bellows
University of Edinburgh
Lais Miachon
Johns Hopkins University
Rebecca Mclaren
Johns Hopkins University
Stella Nordhagen
The Global Alliance For Improved Nutrition
Catia Pedro
The Global Alliance For Improved Nutrition
Ahmed Raza
The Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations
Gina Kennedy
The Global Alliance For Improved Nutrition
Roseline Remans
Maximo Torero Cullen
The Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations
Kristina Sokourenko
The Global Diet Quality Project and Food Prices for Nutrition
Natalia Estrada Carmona
The Alliance Of Bioversity International And The International Center For Tropical Agriculture
Bianca Carducci
Johns Hopkins University

Dashboard Partners


We would like to thank the following organizations that have provided support to help develop the Dashboard:

  • Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)
  • Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)
  • Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
  • Irish Aid
  • Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World
  • Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
  • The Rockefeller Foundation